When You Can't afford the medication you need-even with our Discount Rx Card

Prescription Assistance Programs (PAPs) provide low cost prescription medicine to people who are uninsured or under-insured and meet income guidelines. 

("Under insured" can mean your specific prescription medication may not be covered under your drug plan).

Prescription Assistance Programs (PAPs) are sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies who manufacture the medicine.

The comprehensive services provided with this program include:

  • Evaluate your eligibility.
  • Research the availability of the medications you need.
  • Match your individual prescriptions to the appropriate programs.
  • Advise you of your options and recommend the programs that meet your needs.

Once you are ready to apply for the Prescription Assistance Programs your advocate will:

  • Access the forms and fulfill the application processing for each patient, thus becoming the communication link between the physician’s office and the Pharmaceutical Companies.
  • Order your refills as needed.
  • Inform you when it is time to renew your applications.
  • Answer your questions and make updates to your information.
  • Stay current on trends and changes in available programs and how they affect your situation.

There is a one-time application fee of $25 which is refunded if you were to not be approved for the program. You will pay only $20 per medication per month on most medications, upon approval for the program.